Stigmata photos

Christina Gallagher, present-day stigmatist from Ireland, experiencing stigmatic bleeding in her hands, feet, and head.

Source: Catholic Binder Online.

Christina Gallagher shows her stigmata which appear as painful cuts in her forehead where the crown of thorns would be. 

Source: Christina Gallagher Online.

Catalina receives these painful bruises during her stigmata. 

Source: PDT Signs Online.

Wherever Catalina receives the stigmata, statues in the area begin bleeding.

Statue bleeding in the area where Catalina receives her stigmata. 

This beautiful young girl is stigmatist Myrna Nazzour (born 1964). She lives in Damascus, Syria. When this girl receives the stigmata, statues of Mary start bleeding oil.

Myrna Nazzour's stigmata begin like this. Notice the pained expression. 

Source: YouTube Video of Nazzour.

Myrna Nazzour's stigmata progresses. 

Source: Kresy24 News Online.

Myrna Nazzour's full-blown stigmata disfigures her face and causes great pain. 

Source: Maria de Los Angeles Online.

Myrna Nazzour showing her painful stigmata in her hands. 

Source: Our Lady of Soufanieh Online.

Myrna Nazzour also experiences bleeding in her feet where the nails would have pierced Jesus. 

Source: Bedevaartweb Online.

The statue that bleeds oil during Myrna Nazzour's stigmatic experiences.

Source: Bedevaartweb Online.

Statue bleeding oil when Myrna Nazzour, stigmatist, receives her stigmata.

Source: Christus Rex Online.

Padre Pio of Italy (1887-1968), stigmatist, said "It would be easier for the world to exist without the sun than the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass." Here he is experiencing his stigmatic bleeding while officiating at the Mass. 

Source: Catholic Binder Online.

Therese Neumann (1898-1962), mystic and stigmatist of Germany. She apparently did not eat, sleep, or drink, and had no bodily functions for 40 years and lived only on the Eucharist. She predicted economic ruin for the US through natural disasters. 

Source: Teresa Neumann site. 
See also Catholic Binder Online.

Here Therese Neumann is experiencing her stigmata. 

Source: Teresa Neumann site.

After the stigmata experience is over, Therese Neuman receives this cross burnt into her hand. 

Source: Teresa Neumann site.

Marie Ferron died with stigmata of the corwn of thorns still on her head.

Source: Jeanne S. Bonin, A Stigmatist: Marie-Rose Ferron (Médiaspaul, 1988): 95.